Terms and Conditions

  • Where a Bank has agreed to accept this Lorry Receipt as consignee/ endorse or holder of thereof or in any other capacity for the purpose of giving advances to and / or collection or discounting bill of any of its customers whether before or after the entrustment of the goods to Transport Operators for carriage, the Transport Operators hereby agree, in consideration of the same to hold themselves liable and shall be deemed to have held themselves liable at all materials times directly to Bank concern, as if the Bank were a party to the contract herein contained with the right of recourse against the Transport Operator to the extent of the full value of the goods handed over to the Transport Operator for carriage storage and delivery.
  • The Transport Operator undertakes to and shall deliver the goods in the like order and condition as received subject to any deterioration in the condition of goods resulting from natural causes like effect of temperature ,whether conditions act, to the Consignee Bank or to his order or to his assigns on the relative receipt being surrendered to the Transport Operator duly discharge by the Bank which has accepted it for landing to and the collection of or discounting the bills of its customer or for collection or to its agents for collection or duly discharge by the holder of the receipt alongwith a letter from such Bank authorizing delivery of the goods and only the Bank and the holder of the receipt entitled to delivery as aforesaid shall have right of recourses against the Transport Operator for all claims arising thereon.
  • The Transport Operator shall have the right to entrust the goods to any other lorry or service for transport. In the vent of the goods being so entrusted by the Transport Operator to another carrier, the other carrier shall as between the consignor, the consignee Bank and the Transport Operator be deemed to be the Transport Operator’s agent so that the Transport Operator shall, notwithstanding the delivery of the goods to the other carrier, continue to be responsible for the safety of the goods and for their due delivery at the destination.
  • The consignor shall be primarily liable to pay the transport charges and all other incidental charges if any at the Head Office of the Transport Operator in Delhi or at any other agreed place.
  • The Transport Operator shall have the right to dispose off perishables lying undelivered after 48 Hrs of arrival without any notice.
  • The Transport Operator shall have the right to dispose off other goods after 30 days of arrival after giving to the consignor, the consignee Bank and the holder interested ( Including the Banker under clause 1 above) at least a minimum of 15 days notice of such disposal of goods.
  • In either case the Bank or claimant with Bank’s authority shall be entitled to the proceeds less freight and demurrage and the Transport Operator shall render full accounts to him immediately after sale.
  • Consignee Banks accepting Lorry Receipt under clause 1 above will not be liable for payment of any charges arising out of any lien of the Transport Operator against the consignor or the buyer. Where it becomes necessary for any Bank to obtain delivery of the consignment from the Transport Operator in terms of the scheme (because the buyer does not retire the documents or because of any other reason) the Transport Operator shall deliver the goods unconditionally to the Bank on payment of the normal freight and storage charges only in connection with the consignment in question without claiming any lien on the goods in respect of any monies due by the consignor or the consignee to the Transport Operator on any other account whatsoever.
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